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Wounded Darter in the Clinch River at Speers Ferry, Viriginia

An intact fluvial ecosystem can support a wide range of shell shape and color!  There are 14 species in this image.

The rainbow mussel, Villosa iris, inhabiting the stream bottom.

Clinch River Mussels

The shiny pigtoe, Fusconaia cor

Federally Endangered shiny pigtoe, Fusconaia cor, in the Clinch River

The Clinch River by Kayak

The James spinymussel, Pluerobema collina, inhabiting a Rivanna River tributary stream bottom

Young James spinymussel with a spine observed in a Rivanna River tributary.  This mussel was no more than 3 years old and only 24 mm in length (just under 1 inch).

Snorkeling a beautiful James River tributary in the western mountains of Virginia

A state-listed species in Minnestoa, Quadrula nodulata persists in the reach of the Mississippi River flowing through Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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