We help clients navigate through the Endangered Species Act process. This includes authoring Biological Assessments and aiding in consultation with federal and state agencies.

Habitat assessments and surveys for freshwater mussels and other aquatic fauna. We are listed as approved surveyors in several states.

Site-specific mitigations, including relocations of protected species and monitoring of permitted disturbances.



Development and execution of monitoring plans required by regulatory agencies.


On-site monitoring of environmental impacts, including site inspections.

With funding from federal and state agencies, Daguna Consulting and its partners conduct basic research on rare and protected species.  We have a history of successful grant applications.  

We have reviewed and helped agencies develop conservation plan for many species.

Photography of rare species and their habitats

Regionally-specific Information

Our work in the Upper Mississippi River Basin
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Our work in the James River
A prospectus of our work in the James River
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Past Projects

2018 projects:

  1. Preparing a Biological Assessment (BA) for a barge loading facility that may impact endangered species habitat in the Mississippi River
  2. Surveys for protected mussels in tributaries to the Ni River near a proposed residential development outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia
  3. Relocation of a mussel assemblage for a bridge replacement in southwest Virginia
  4. Relocation of a mussel assemblage in a western Minnesota river prior to a SWCD bank restoration project
  5. Survey and relocation of mussels in the James River at a dredge site
  6. Relocation of mussel fauna at an Army Corps of Engineers bank stabilization project near Lynchburg, VA
  7. Relocation of state-listed mussels from a marina along the Minnesota bank of the St. Croix River prior to dock removal and replacement
  8. Occupancy study of federally listed species in Copper Creek for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
  9. Mussel survey at a proposed barge mooring facility on the Wisconsin bank of the Mississippi River
  10. Quantitative sampling at long-term monitoring sites in the Clinch River for the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  11. Survey for mussels in the Upper Iowa River prior to bridge replacement
  12. Providing technical assistance to a mitigation bank enhancing endangered species habitat in northern Virginia


2017 projects:

  1. Surveys for Dwarf Wedgemussel in eastern Virginia Streams
  2. Relocation of mussels away from construction impacts in a mountain tributary to the Holston River in Virginia
  3. Survey for federally listed mussels in the St. Croix River on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin
  4. Occupancy study of federally listed species in Copper Creek for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
  5. Relocation of mussel fauna in the Mississippi River (Ramsey County, Minnesota)
  6. Mussel survey and relocation at Petttibone Condos on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River
  7. Monitoring relocated mussels using Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags and employing mark-recapture models to estimate survival
  8. Cooperating with James Madison University to better understand population dynamics and detection of the federally endangered James spinymussel 
  9. Population monitoring of the federally endangered James spinymussel using mark-recapture methods and Program Mark models

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